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It’s hard to think about the thrills of sunshine and warmth, as each day adds on another layer of clothing to our crisp white tees, but Rye Rye rewinds us back to the pleasures of only a month ago with her video for “Sunshine”. The first single from her upcoming album Go! Pop! Bang! is a laid back as a summer day. Miss Fuck-Google-Ask-Me (aka M.I.A.) hook is reminiscent to the good ol’ Arular days of 2004. The star of the show, though is Rye Rye. The Baltimore rapper is here for a gold time, interchanging from a platinum blond wig to her natural cropped hair cut while, as she raps about snatching unsuspecting boys from their hater girls.

*Check 2:19 for an explosion of androgyny courtesy of the asian girl.

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A single techno beat thumps. It continue bumping until it changes pitches. Minimalism at its best. Interesting only because nothing that Wale does is truly minimalist. His day and night job, as a wordsmith, has set him apart from his fellow upcoming rappers because he’s able to create in depth meaning from simple words tied together in a phrase.

On “Black and Gold”, Wale’s first single off of his mixtape More About Nothing, he explodes into the track stating “Back like I never ever left from the first”. Accompanied by an instrumental, that seems ripped from the Daft Punk vault. The song is definitely a return to form for Wale, who initially caught listeners’ ears by sampling “non-traditional” songs, but making them cool enough to thump in the car.

Wale\’s \”Black and Gold\”

High Anticipation for More About Nothing, which drops tomorrow August 3rd.

The first single off of Good Ass Job.

\”Power\” Feat Dwele[NO DJ/CDQ]

Ever since Taylorgate, Kanye West has pretty much disappeared from the face of the earth. There were talks that he went to India for a spiritual journey, but when it comes to Mecca’s you can usually find Kanye West in Hawaii working. And that’s what he’s been doing. “Power” is Kanye’s self-proclaimed “theme music”. The instrumental is reminiscent of an 808’s and Heartbreak track, except with more flourishes from the ┬átribal chants, stripped guitar, and dirty synths.

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