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Since SeptemBRRR 28 is almost upon us, a slew of leaks from The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted have hit the interwebs. An initial blog post and personal favorite is “Haterade.” In it Gucci says to his haters, “I’m not listening. I’m not interested. My attention only focused on what I get.” Pharrell’s spaceman footprint is all over this record and Nicki Minaj is surprising effective, displaying a serious, toned down persona.

Download \”Haterade\”


“Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy.”

When I heard those words you have no idea how excited I was. She had finally broken through. I had loved her on the Justice album, I had loved “Pop the Glock” and now she finally had her own hit single in the US. “Hurray for Uffie,” I thought.

I was later disappointed when I found out the singer’s name was Ke$ha and not Uffie.

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