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It’s hard to think about the thrills of sunshine and warmth, as each day adds on another layer of clothing to our crisp white tees, but Rye Rye rewinds us back to the pleasures of only a month ago with her video for “Sunshine”. The first single from her upcoming album Go! Pop! Bang! is a laid back as a summer day. Miss Fuck-Google-Ask-Me (aka M.I.A.) hook is reminiscent to the good ol’ Arular days of 2004. The star of the show, though is Rye Rye. The Baltimore rapper is here for a gold time, interchanging from a platinum blond wig to her natural cropped hair cut while, as she raps about snatching unsuspecting boys from their hater girls.

*Check 2:19 for an explosion of androgyny courtesy of the asian girl.

Catch the video after the jump…

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Since SeptemBRRR 28 is almost upon us, a slew of leaks from The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted have hit the interwebs. An initial blog post and personal favorite is “Haterade.” In it Gucci says to his haters, “I’m not listening. I’m not interested. My attention only focused on what I get.” Pharrell’s spaceman footprint is all over this record and Nicki Minaj is surprising effective, displaying a serious, toned down persona.

Download \”Haterade\”

“This is something special. This is something new.” Those are high expectations for any artist to live up to, but Kanye West and Co.’s “Lord Lord Lord” is definitely tiptoeing near those affirmations. “Lord Lord Lord” is another installment of Mr. West’s G.O.O.D. Friday series, where he promised via Twitter that he’d be releasing a new song each Friday until Christmas. To quote the man himself, “I’m calling it good Fridays. Y’all know every Friday y’all gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now.”


The instrumental, which heavily sample Nas’ “Find Your Wealth”, is layered with silky synths and a heavy jazz beat. Mos Def’s opening verse stream of consciousness about the wonders of life suits the dreamy track. Kanye’s take is more of an appreciation for the female form, “Her heels set the mood/ where did you acquire those are liars/ when I met you I heard Jesus bells, strings and a choir.”Charlie Wilson’s contribution doesn’t sound as out of place as his previous G.O.O.D. Friday features.

The song is close to perfect until Swizz Beatz walks in with his lackluster verse. His interpretation of a Jay-Z verse fails miserably around the heavyweights around him. Luckily, the two-minute outro reverts from the previous speed bump and coasts smoothly until the end.


Download \”Lord Lord Lord\”

Two nights ago, Kanye West announced via Twitter that he had just finished a track on his yet untitled album and had to share with the world the following day. Well he held true to his promise and leaked “See Me Now” Featuring Uncle Charlie and Beyonce on Angie Martinez’s radio show. The track is a mutant offspring of “Good Life” and “We Major” set to create havoc on Top 40 radio. There’s nothing outstanding about the track, but it does elicit a good time summer jam feel.

Keep listening until the end for Kanye’s quotable adlibs.

\”See Me Now\” Feat. Beyonce & Uncle Charlie

Everything is dark with Crystal Castles. Whether it is their lead singer, Alice Glass, dressed in all black, meandering through a creepy cemetery or the droning beats the accompany her dark lyrics. Midway through the song she asks, “If I’m lost please don’t find me, if I jump let me sink. We descended from no one, with a wink”.  Crystal Castles has made the anti-summer anthem and it’s a beautiful nightmare.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Every once and a while you need some good stoner rock (+ there album cover is pretty sick).

Here it is.

Herbcraft \”Road to Agartha\”

Outkast is back!  Well, sort of. This was a track that was supposed to be on Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (hopeful candidate for Album of the Year 2010), but apparently Big Boi’s last label–Jive Records–would not allow a Big Boi + 3 Stacks collaboration on the solo album due to Big Boi leaving them for Def Jam. This is quite depressing, but also a benefit for us because “somehow” this song was leaked and now we are able to once enjoy a bit of magic courtesy of Speakerboxx and The Love Below.

\”Lookin\’ 4 Ya\” Feat. Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown

Off of the Evil Empire mixtape Trending Topic 4.  Listen.

“When they ask me where I’m from, I’m proud to say that I’m your son!” sings Cee-Lo Green off of his first single from his upcoming album: The Lady Killer. The Atlantan native has done a superb job at evolving during his career: starting off with Goodie Mob, then moving on to his own solo work, and finally landing into Gnarls Barkley territory.

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Killer Mike is a good rapper.

Killer Mike’s next album is entitled 16 In The Kitchen.

This is Killer Mike’s “Ready Set Go” featuring T.I. and produced by No I.D.


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