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It’s hard to think about the thrills of sunshine and warmth, as each day adds on another layer of clothing to our crisp white tees, but Rye Rye rewinds us back to the pleasures of only a month ago with her video for “Sunshine”. The first single from her upcoming album Go! Pop! Bang! is a laid back as a summer day. Miss Fuck-Google-Ask-Me (aka M.I.A.) hook is reminiscent to the good ol’ Arular days of 2004. The star of the show, though is Rye Rye. The Baltimore rapper is here for a gold time, interchanging from a platinum blond wig to her natural cropped hair cut while, as she raps about snatching unsuspecting boys from their hater girls.

*Check 2:19 for an explosion of androgyny courtesy of the asian girl.

Catch the video after the jump…

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Since SeptemBRRR 28 is almost upon us, a slew of leaks from The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted have hit the interwebs. An initial blog post and personal favorite is “Haterade.” In it Gucci says to his haters, “I’m not listening. I’m not interested. My attention only focused on what I get.” Pharrell’s spaceman footprint is all over this record and Nicki Minaj is surprising effective, displaying a serious, toned down persona.

Download \”Haterade\”

“This is something special. This is something new.” Those are high expectations for any artist to live up to, but Kanye West and Co.’s “Lord Lord Lord” is definitely tiptoeing near those affirmations. “Lord Lord Lord” is another installment of Mr. West’s G.O.O.D. Friday series, where he promised via Twitter that he’d be releasing a new song each Friday until Christmas. To quote the man himself, “I’m calling it good Fridays. Y’all know every Friday y’all gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now.”


The instrumental, which heavily sample Nas’ “Find Your Wealth”, is layered with silky synths and a heavy jazz beat. Mos Def’s opening verse stream of consciousness about the wonders of life suits the dreamy track. Kanye’s take is more of an appreciation for the female form, “Her heels set the mood/ where did you acquire those are liars/ when I met you I heard Jesus bells, strings and a choir.”Charlie Wilson’s contribution doesn’t sound as out of place as his previous G.O.O.D. Friday features.

The song is close to perfect until Swizz Beatz walks in with his lackluster verse. His interpretation of a Jay-Z verse fails miserably around the heavyweights around him. Luckily, the two-minute outro reverts from the previous speed bump and coasts smoothly until the end.


Download \”Lord Lord Lord\”

There are two discussion pieces that you’re bound to hear in any new Kanye West song: his “I am an asshole” mantra and some reference to Satan. With “Devil in a New Dress” you get both served on a rusted copper dish, varnished with sin. It’s a love song, for the illuminati kind, but a love song nonetheless. Kanye croons, “The way you look should be a sin, you my sensation/ I know I’m preaching to the congregation/ We love Jesus but you done learned a lot from Satan.”

As far as production goes, this is one of the standout tracks from Kanye’s weekly “G.O.O.D. Fridays” installment. The groovy baseline dances in time with the steady percussion, before a crash of symbols break up the waltz, only for it to start all over again.

Kanye West\’s \”Devil in a New Dress\”

Music Source: Kanye Universecity

Weird. That’s a pretty simple, but accurate way to explain MGMT’s “Congratulations” video. It has the band walking across a scorching desert with a mutant-like creature who starts losing limbs throughout the whole ordeal. For some, it may be a bit depressing watching the cute hairless monster become deformed, but sadly for me it was hilarious. I always look forward to watching MGMT videos because, in the end, they are always entertaining.

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If Drake stands for “Do Right And Kill Everything”, I wonder what Nico stands for. I’ll figure that out later. Anyway, October’s Very Own has returned with his third single off of his chart breaking debut album, Thank Me Later. The “Miss Me” video features the now incarcerated Lil Wayne. For all you Wayneheads, he has not been released; they shot this video before he went into the slammer. Once again, Anthony Mandler is behind the video, which is why it has a similar dark undertone like: “Over” and “Find Your Love”.  Anhony’s idea of having Lil Wayne being portrayed as Drake’s guardian angel is brilliant. Bravo.

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Discovering music is tough nowadays. There’s more music being released everyday than there probably was released in a month, 50 decades ago. So in terms of saturation, avid music listeners have more than enough to listen to, but what we need, in terms of music, is substance and that is sometimes hard to find. Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to a rapper by the name of Mac Miller. There’s not much out there as far as a “bio” is concerned, but he is from Pittsburgh and is a pretty damn good rapper.

“Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” begins with a short audio snippet of a young kid preaching to his friend about his love for marijuana. So it seems that Young Mac Miller may have similar leisure activities as his fellow Pittsburgh-ian Wiz Khalifa. His flow is laid back and reminiscent of the Cool Kids and his beats are less Run DMC’s than they are Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s fun to see him give dap to his random friends in the city and his hype-man in the background is “high”-larious.

Mac Miller’s new mix-tape K.I.D.S. will be released August 3rd.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love African music. My soul cries silently whenever I hear rhythm drums and a staccato guitar. What I absolutely love the most about African music is the fact every singer sounds like their singing from a loud speaker. It’s never purely clean or clear what they’re singing about, but there’s a warm undertone to their voice. Analog Africa, a Frankfurt Music Label, is set to release a compilations of music West African music from Ghana and Togo under the name Afro-Beats Airways: West African Shock Waves. From listening to one of the tracks, “Afe Ato Yen Bio” by De Frank Professionals, it looks like this summer is going to get a bit more warmer.

Plus the album cover is super dope.

De Frank Professionals \”Afe Ato Yen Bio\”

I thought it’d be funny if I counted how many times Seattle’s pop band, Beat Connection, said “water”, but I never could get past 13 because I’d be interrupted by my involuntary dancing, which shows how good this song is.

Beat Connection: \”In the Water\”

Everything is dark with Crystal Castles. Whether it is their lead singer, Alice Glass, dressed in all black, meandering through a creepy cemetery or the droning beats the accompany her dark lyrics. Midway through the song she asks, “If I’m lost please don’t find me, if I jump let me sink. We descended from no one, with a wink”.  Crystal Castles has made the anti-summer anthem and it’s a beautiful nightmare.

Watch the video after the jump.

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