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I got the pleasure of taking pictures of one of my many muses: Charity. Even the name is iconic.

More of the look underneath the hood…

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the pictures speak for themselves (all lowercase)
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I think the lookbook and the fashion describes itself.

All brown everything.

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The suits are coming! No, I’m not talking about Wall Street “Suits”; I’m talking about formal suits. To follow trends is to be a follower, but to see future trends is to be a trendsetter. It appears that all things are headed to men wearing full blown suits and the great thing is that it doesn’t require an invitation to a wedding. Tom Ford’s Fall+Winter collection shows that suits don’t have to have negative connotations of being snobby. They can be worn playfully with pieces of velvet thrown into the mix.

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Fashion label, Nom de Guerre–translates to “war names”–, have taken their name seriously with their Fall and Winter collection. Their lookbook named “Countdown to Violence” has a deep militaristic theme, as well as a slight  “black power” undertone. The collection is filled with form fitting blazers and suits that seems to be paletted in all black.

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Fall is nowhere near, but it’s always inspiring to see new looks. Here is Japanese’s own Original Fake’s lookbook for Fall+Winter. Although the colors aren’t vibrant, which you wouldn’t expect from a fall line, the design is so crisp and clean that it brings light Brian Donnelly’s vision.

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Here is the Fall+Winter Lookbook for URSUS BAPE. URSUS BAPE is a derivative of the BAPE fashion line that focuses on design more than its big brother.

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I blog as if it was a job. I search through about a hundred websites, each day, looking for something inspirational or something interesting. Out of that hundred I probably open up 30 or so tabs of links that have caught my eye. Out of those 30 or so links, I dwindle them down to 3-6 links that I HAVE to share with the world at this moment.

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Prints. Prints. and more Prints. I was kind of wary about this collaboration but after seeing the look book my mind has changed a bit.

The Photography: Kathy Lo

Stylists: Jesse Hudnutt and Daria Radlinski

Art Director: Su Barber

Models: Rachel Ballinger and Kaelin Ballinger

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Dear Baby Buddha,

Grant me this one wish. I want to marry a fashionable girl. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask?  Okay, maybe not fashionable; I want a girl who just has personal style. Someone who may wear a white t-shirt and blue jeans one day and then get dressed up in Boxing Kitten the next day.

What’s Boxing Kitten you ask?

Boxing Kitten is an American Label created by ,Creative Designer, Maya Lake in 2006. She was inspired by a dream she had about a kitten–the fascinating details, unfortunately, are unknown– to create this amazing line of African Inspired clothing with a bit of a 1950’s twist.

Maya’s Resort 2010 line is fun and playful, mixing different prints and designs to create something that is truly unique.


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