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It’s hard to think about the thrills of sunshine and warmth, as each day adds on another layer of clothing to our crisp white tees, but Rye Rye rewinds us back to the pleasures of only a month ago with her video for “Sunshine”. The first single from her upcoming album Go! Pop! Bang! is a laid back as a summer day. Miss Fuck-Google-Ask-Me (aka M.I.A.) hook is reminiscent to the good ol’ Arular days of 2004. The star of the show, though is Rye Rye. The Baltimore rapper is here for a gold time, interchanging from a platinum blond wig to her natural cropped hair cut while, as she raps about snatching unsuspecting boys from their hater girls.

*Check 2:19 for an explosion of androgyny courtesy of the asian girl.

Catch the video after the jump…

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“Floating in the summer sky, 99 red balloons go by.” Oh Nena, if you only knew how many balloons were probably destroyed in this video. Granted, it’s for art, which makes everything okay. Right? Although most are unfamiliar with who Maximum Balloon is, they have heard of his main gig with TV on the Radio. Maximum Balloon is Dave Sitek’s chance to get in touch with his funkier sound. From listening to his debut entitled, Maximum Balloon, there’s definitely a party vibe that Sitek is trying to touch. The first single, “Tiger”, features Aku demanding “Let go of everything that you know/ don’t hold back what you feel.” The video has Chinese Dragons going in and out of a sea of red balloons attacking a flock of innocent bystanders. Fun.

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It’s not everyday that you hear good music coming from Sweden. I kid. I kid. But really, it’s not often. It seems that Britta Persson may be trying to break that stigma. The Swedish born singer makes incredibly catchy pop songs. Her vocal delivery is reminiscent of late 70’s psychedelic mixed with early 60’s girl group.

Her music video for “Meet a Bear” is a bit trippy with Britta swaying cooly from left to right while a bunch a of chaos goes on behind her.

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I thought it’d be funny if I counted how many times Seattle’s pop band, Beat Connection, said “water”, but I never could get past 13 because I’d be interrupted by my involuntary dancing, which shows how good this song is.

Beat Connection: \”In the Water\”

The beginning of Night Manager’s “Blackout Sex” begins with indecipherable english and ends in indecipherable english. For most that would be a drag, but for me, who makes lyrics up to about every song on the radio, it is pleasant to be met half way by the artist.

Instrumentally, “Blackout Sex’ is reminiscent to MGMT’s playful psychedelic music. Filled with with  a metronomic beat and a surf bass guitar riff “Blackout Sex” may become your favorite “what did they just say?” song.

Night Manager \”Blackout Sex\”

Every once and a while you need some good stoner rock (+ there album cover is pretty sick).

Here it is.

Herbcraft \”Road to Agartha\”

Congratulations. What is there to say about that album. Was it good? Was it bad? Did I like MGMT’s last album so much that I forced myself to listen to Congratulations 20+ times in order for me to like it? Or was it truly an album that had to grow on you? Whatever the reason MGMT’s video for “It’s Working” is here.

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Before today I didn’t know who Royal Hideouts was. After listening to the first single from the EP, Coral Casino, I’m happy that I decided to give him a chance. “Old Money” has a charming vibe that brings to mind the image of a perfect summer afternoon.

Royal Hideouts – \”Old Money\”

Thanks to Getoffthecoast

I have to admit that before the Black Keys’ Brothers I had never listened to the Akron, Ohio, band. I’ve seen the album covers of their previous records because it seems like the indie world is in love with them, but it takes a bit more than critics to make me fall in love with a band. Brothers is an interesting album to me because it fills a slight void in my current music collection. It’s a modern day blues-y record that relies heavily on the rhythm section to keep it a float. It isn’t necessarily a must have record, but it does have a few good songs like “Everlasting Light” and the whistle infused “Tighten Up”,.

Here’s a video of them performing the latter on Letterman.

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I’ll be the first to admit. I was probably one of the last commuters to buy a ticket to the MGMT psychedelic bus. It just seemed that Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden (aka MGMT) were trying too much to be a part of the Lonely Hearts Club Band. The face pant, useless headbands, just about everything about the band seemed too contrived. Then I stopped talking about them and listened to their music.

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