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In one more day summer will be over, which means that the days will get shorter, the nights will get longer, and the weather will get colder.  An added benefit of this seasonal change is that we can go back to layering pieces once again.  Don’t take it the wrong way, I love my summer days of wearing absolutely nothing but shorts, but having an oxford with a camel colored crew-neck sweater and a jacket on top makes my heart warm.

As far as jackets go Henri Lloyd has done it again with their Barton Button. What I enjoy about the brand is that obviously fashion is important to them, but so is being practical. The dark navy outer lambswool is the perfect color for fall, but will also keep you warm when you’re running those holiday errands

Check out the Barton Button or more looks at Henri Lloyd.


When thinking about deck shoes, I’ve always trumped style over substance. It probably wasn’t the best idea because most of my deck shoes are beat up and nasty, but recently I discovered Henri Lloyd’s Octogrip deck shoes and I may not have a need for another pair again.  Since the sides are made out of mesh, it makes the shoes more lightweight as well as gets rid of any water that might have slipped in accidently.  The water resistant leather that encompasses the majority of the shoe assists to make these shoes perfect for any trip to the beach. Even with all these technical benefits, all in all they are just a classic deck shoe.

Can’t get much better than that.

Check them out at the Henri Lloyd website.

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