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I got the pleasure of taking pictures of one of my many muses: Charity. Even the name is iconic.

More of the look underneath the hood…

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“When they ask me where I’m from, I’m proud to say that I’m your son!” sings Cee-Lo Green off of his first single from his upcoming album: The Lady Killer. The Atlantan native has done a superb job at evolving during his career: starting off with Goodie Mob, then moving on to his own solo work, and finally landing into Gnarls Barkley territory.

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“Lord please grant me one wish; to have the soul of a child”-nico

So guess what?!?! Field day was today and I was super stoked!

My little nephew Rico Suave and Co. were all out and about doing all sorts of daring feats of strength and agility.

The whole Field Day experience just reminded how great it was to be a kid and also how great it is now, to be an “adult”. Age has two parts: physical and mental. So although, physically I’m “growing up” I never want to lose my mental childhood.

Life’s better that way.

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