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Before we talk about the content,  can I just say the visionary who thought up the two covers is genius. Not only am I in awe of Kid Cudi’s “breaking into a nebula” shot, but the Rosewood styling is crisp. Nicki Minaj’s shot is minimalism at its best. For someone who usually wears pink and green wigs and outlandish outfits, it is nice to see a somewhat toned down Nicki.

Sidenote: She keeps getting gorgeous everyday (#groupietalk).

Complex also posted the interviews with both artists, where Cudi talks about his former cocaine habit and goes a bit in on Wale. Here is a short snippet.

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“Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy.”

When I heard those words you have no idea how excited I was. She had finally broken through. I had loved her on the Justice album, I had loved “Pop the Glock” and now she finally had her own hit single in the US. “Hurray for Uffie,” I thought.

I was later disappointed when I found out the singer’s name was Ke$ha and not Uffie.

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Who knew pregnancy could make a woman look so(ooooooo) good?  What else do you expect from M.I.A. #sidethought I might just have to date an Asian woman now (haha). Anyway, she graces the covers of Complex magazine to talk about her upcoming album, /\/\/\Y/\, which I talked a bit about in a previous post, her new baby boy Ikhyd, her political beliefs, and the current state of hip-hop. It’s definitely a good read. More pics of Maya after the jump.

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