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Side by side, Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection is similar to his Fall 2009 collection. The colors that he uses for both are highly saturated to an extent that it can be overwhelming to the eyes. While for Fall 2009 his palette of colors consisted shades of black, purple, and blue, his 2011 Spring line is reminiscent of a mixture of fall foliage and blossoming spring flowers. Speaking of flowers, they tend to appear in almost every piece as some sort of ornament.

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Instead of making two separate posts about the same design, I decided to integrate the two. Y-3 has always been one of my favorite brands. They always seem to be on the curve of fashion, but at the same time not going overboard. The picture above is from the Hayworth Hi Collection and the pictures after the jump is from the Metallic Neo Tech Collection.

I am most impressed by the presentations of the shoes.

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Marc is usually known for his more outlandish designs, but for next years spring/summer collection the designer has tamed down a bit. The color palette is made for a fall/winter collection, mixing greys and an assortment of browns.

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Freshjive has decided to take a playful route with their summer collection. Although there are words like “sex”, “violence”, and “dope” plastered on an array of their collection, it isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. With a mixture of tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts, Freshjive is definitely preparing those who don’t reside in L.A. for the summer heat.

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Summer is here. Wait, no it isn’t it’s spring. Well actually, in Atlanta we have no spring season. Our seasons go hot, freaking, hot, not so hot, and then hot again. Currently, we’re in our hot stage so ideas of vacations are being brought up and more clothes are coming off. With that in mind the Warriors of Radness 3rd part of their spring collection is the perfect way to cool off. Based in LA, Warriors of Radness has brought a less stuffy look when it comes to summer clothing. I love clothes that look effortless when put on, but still look cool and these pieces are the epitome of that.

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