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Side by side, Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection is similar to his Fall 2009 collection. The colors that he uses for both are highly saturated to an extent that it can be overwhelming to the eyes. While for Fall 2009 his palette of colors consisted shades of black, purple, and blue, his 2011 Spring line is reminiscent of a mixture of fall foliage and blossoming spring flowers. Speaking of flowers, they tend to appear in almost every piece as some sort of ornament.

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I’ve been on  hiatus ever since school has started back up, but I’ve still been keeping my eye on what’s been going on in New York’s Fashion Week. Out of all the shows that I watched, I was initially most impressed by the work of Yigal Azrouel’s.  I enjoyed the overall production of the models’ appearance. The neon orange eye makeup with the pulled back slick hair gave an alien-like appearance to the models. With the addition of the simplistic nude colored pieces, the line looked like it could have been taken out of a Star Wars movie.

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I’m not muslim, but I do respect the dedication that most muslims have when it comes to their faith. Currently, muslims around the world are celebrating Ramadan. For those who don’t know, Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calender. During that month, muslims are to refrain from food, water, and sex during sunlight. It is meant to teach patience and spirituality within the culture.

Here are some amazing photos that I found through’s Big Picture posts.

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Good music is able to transcend all platforms, whether it’s musical or language barriers. “Sara” is one of those songs. Sung by, Rwanda based The Good Ones’, “Sara” is acoustically warm and sung in a three man harmony. Although, I don’t understand the language I can only imagine that the “Sara” being sung about is a lost love. Not lost in the sense of a woman that moved on to another man, but a woman who had to leave for alternative reasons.

The Good Ones \”Sara\”

Weird. That’s a pretty simple, but accurate way to explain MGMT’s “Congratulations” video. It has the band walking across a scorching desert with a mutant-like creature who starts losing limbs throughout the whole ordeal. For some, it may be a bit depressing watching the cute hairless monster become deformed, but sadly for me it was hilarious. I always look forward to watching MGMT videos because, in the end, they are always entertaining.

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Inspiration can arrive from many places and sources. It is most fun, when it comes from the past. In fashion and architecture, the designers are mostly building on past constructions and adding a bit of inspiration that comes from everyday life. The Faile Temple, in Lisbon, Portugal, takes architecture from the past and combines a comic book like aesthetic to the design.

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In lower Manhattan there’s a newly erected mural made by Os Gemeos and Futura. It was created to coincide with the World Basketball Festival currently being held in New York City. The piece has a young lad staring at the world with a green floral shirt and country-flag plaid shorts. It exemplifies the worldwide peace the arises during major sporting events.


War has made Africa blood stained.

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David B. Smith Gallery will be hosting an exhibition by AJ Fosik called “Count Back From Now”. AJ Fosik has created these amazing wooden sculptures that are both intriguing, yet slightly terrifying. They must have been the rejected totem pole figures.

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It’s pretty Inconvenient, Russia, but obviously the Truth is that “global warming” is not real. It’s a myth that Russia is experiencing one of the hottest summers ever recorded. The real truth is that the fire was all planned by Al Gore and his minions to bring more money into this “global warming” fairy tale. They teamed up with the Russian government to feed the news media fake photos and fake records like:

“Fourteen regions have declared a state of emergency after wildfires engulfed entire villages, leaving 28 people dead and more than 2,000 homeless.”

“Moscow has already broken several heat records this season and a drought in agricultural regions has scorched more than 10 million hectares of cropland.”

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