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I got the pleasure of taking pictures of one of my many muses: Charity. Even the name is iconic.

More of the look underneath the hood…

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African American fashion is evolving into a new phase. Call it the Obama effect or Rosewood Movement, but lately there’s been a change across  the sartorial landscape. Men are replacing gold chains for bow ties. Instead of wearing white Jordans, guys are satisfied slipping on a pair of oxfords. The Brooklyn Circus and the gents at The Street Etiquette are major forces in creating this dapper change.

Here they showcase “the Black Ivy” style.

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Side by side, Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection is similar to his Fall 2009 collection. The colors that he uses for both are highly saturated to an extent that it can be overwhelming to the eyes. While for Fall 2009 his palette of colors consisted shades of black, purple, and blue, his 2011 Spring line is reminiscent of a mixture of fall foliage and blossoming spring flowers. Speaking of flowers, they tend to appear in almost every piece as some sort of ornament.

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I’m not a sneakerhead, by any means, but ever since I’ve seen Back to the Future, I’ve been in love with the Marty McFly’s. It seems that Nike is finally starting put the plans together for creating these self-laced shoes. According to the movie, McFly’s should be released sometime in 2015. Only 5 more years.

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When thinking about deck shoes, I’ve always trumped style over substance. It probably wasn’t the best idea because most of my deck shoes are beat up and nasty, but recently I discovered Henri Lloyd’s Octogrip deck shoes and I may not have a need for another pair again.  Since the sides are made out of mesh, it makes the shoes more lightweight as well as gets rid of any water that might have slipped in accidently.  The water resistant leather that encompasses the majority of the shoe assists to make these shoes perfect for any trip to the beach. Even with all these technical benefits, all in all they are just a classic deck shoe.

Can’t get much better than that.

Check them out at the Henri Lloyd website.

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Instead of making two separate posts about the same design, I decided to integrate the two. Y-3 has always been one of my favorite brands. They always seem to be on the curve of fashion, but at the same time not going overboard. The picture above is from the Hayworth Hi Collection and the pictures after the jump is from the Metallic Neo Tech Collection.

I am most impressed by the presentations of the shoes.

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I think that Fifa’s 2010 World Cup would be a lot more interesting if they played with the ball above. I can only imagine the number of accidents that would occur from tripping over one those golden chains or how many coin imprints would be on the player’s heads after doing multiple headers. One can only dream.

With the 2010 World Cup sadly behind, Nike Sportswear and St. Alfred has gathered  artists, such as Cody Hudson, Mr. Cartoon, and Dzine, to “design” some visually pleasing soccer balls. If you want one for your own they are currently being auctioned off with all proceeds going to Urban Initiatives, a Chicago based program to encourage the youth to be active by extracurricular activities like soccer .

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Never a fan of the boat shoe trend, until now. Adidas seems to always find a way to  combine originality and creativity to produce magnificent clothing and shoes. This is the case with their 2010 Summer Deck shoes. With a black canvas base, white outsoles, and the pink striped interior. These shoes are the pinnacle of cool. Better yet. They only cost 60 dollars.


The people at Pendleton are definitely putting their work into teaming up with popular brands to increase their recognition. This year we’ve already seen collaborations with Urban Outfitters and Opening Ceremony. Now Pendleton is teaming up with Vans and Taka Hayashi to release a new line of footwear that is definitely inspired by Native American apparel, which seems to be a fashion trend this summer.

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It looks ridiculous, but the funny thing is I know I’ll see a lot of dudes and dudettes with these on. Jeremy Scott is definitely a creative force to me. Some of his designs are a hit or miss, but that’s the beauty of creativity. As long as you are doing something, it’s a work of art.

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