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I got the pleasure of taking pictures of one of my many muses: Charity. Even the name is iconic.

More of the look underneath the hood…

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“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.”

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African American fashion is evolving into a new phase. Call it the Obama effect or Rosewood Movement, but lately there’s been a change across  the sartorial landscape. Men are replacing gold chains for bow ties. Instead of wearing white Jordans, guys are satisfied slipping on a pair of oxfords. The Brooklyn Circus and the gents at The Street Etiquette are major forces in creating this dapper change.

Here they showcase “the Black Ivy” style.

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What does it take to win an election? Is it charisma? Creating great policies for change? Honesty? All of the above? This is the season where hundreds of possible candidates are debating this question. While all of those factors are important, according to D.A. Pennebaker’s 1993 documentary “The War Room”, what matters the most is the caliber of people associated with you that has the biggest impact.

“The War Room” follows two important figures in the 1992 Clinton campaign as they figure out how maneuver the campaign away from distractions such as sexual scandals, the candidates past, and regular politics. George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s communications director, handled how information would be told and distributed throughout the media. His role is often seen tied in with James Carville, Clinton’s lead strategist, whose knowledge about the “political game” is often frightening.

Through viewing the movie, one realizes the mechanics of a political campaign. For instance, the strategies that make up rally signs is not a topic that you would see on CNN, but it holds a lot of importance. Varied homemade signs, made from poster paper, markers, and anything else you can find in your arts and crafts bin, shows the emotional closeness that a voter has with a particular candidate. On the downside, varied signs could also show disunity amongst the people. While on the other hand, machine manufactured posters and signs display unity, but lack imagination and heart. Every single action– the little things, as well as the large (i.e., Gennifer Flowers) — is crucial to the well-being of the campaign.

What initially struck my attention was how young everyone was. George Stephanopoulos had just turned 30 when he joined the campaign, while Carville was 46. Regardless of their youth and slight inexperience, their passion for what they believed Clinton would do once elected president pushed them to succeed. It shows that drive and determination can go a long way.

Watch a preview of the documentary after the jump.

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“This is something special. This is something new.” Those are high expectations for any artist to live up to, but Kanye West and Co.’s “Lord Lord Lord” is definitely tiptoeing near those affirmations. “Lord Lord Lord” is another installment of Mr. West’s G.O.O.D. Friday series, where he promised via Twitter that he’d be releasing a new song each Friday until Christmas. To quote the man himself, “I’m calling it good Fridays. Y’all know every Friday y’all gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now.”


The instrumental, which heavily sample Nas’ “Find Your Wealth”, is layered with silky synths and a heavy jazz beat. Mos Def’s opening verse stream of consciousness about the wonders of life suits the dreamy track. Kanye’s take is more of an appreciation for the female form, “Her heels set the mood/ where did you acquire those are liars/ when I met you I heard Jesus bells, strings and a choir.”Charlie Wilson’s contribution doesn’t sound as out of place as his previous G.O.O.D. Friday features.

The song is close to perfect until Swizz Beatz walks in with his lackluster verse. His interpretation of a Jay-Z verse fails miserably around the heavyweights around him. Luckily, the two-minute outro reverts from the previous speed bump and coasts smoothly until the end.


Download \”Lord Lord Lord\”

Ever since Taylor-gate 2009, Kanye West’s name has been synonymous with the term monster. In good form, the “International Asshole” has decided to take the “if you can’t beat them, join them” route with a new track entitled “Monster”. This track, along with the “Power” remix, will be on 5-song collaboration EP with Jay-Z called Watch the Throne. Tagging along for this monster-mash is Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver’s, Justin Vernon.

P.S.: All Hail Queen Minaj.

\”Monster\” Feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver

When I first heard Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”, I thought to myself that “hand’s down this is the best song of 2010 and nothing this year would be able to top this.” I was wrong. Something did top it. The “Fuck You” video.

It’s heartwarming to watch the journey of little Cee Lo to College Cee-Lo trying to get “the Heartbreaker”, but in the end failing miserably. On the bright side, after it’s all over little Cee-Lo turns into a Lady Killer and has more than enough money to buy as many girls as he wants to. That was the moral of the story…right?

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Weird. That’s a pretty simple, but accurate way to explain MGMT’s “Congratulations” video. It has the band walking across a scorching desert with a mutant-like creature who starts losing limbs throughout the whole ordeal. For some, it may be a bit depressing watching the cute hairless monster become deformed, but sadly for me it was hilarious. I always look forward to watching MGMT videos because, in the end, they are always entertaining.

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Remixes have lost their flair. Back in the Bad Boy era, a remix would be a whole different take on the song. New instrumental, different plot line, and of course, new collaborators. Nowadays, remixes are the same exact track with a couple of new features from “in right now” rappers. That is why when Kanye revealed that he would be releasing a remix to his first single Power, I was a bit worrisome, but luckily, Kanye never let’s me down (College Dropout Reference).

Synths open up the track before Jay comes in with a lackluster verse comparing Kanye to Axl Rose and giving a little bit of a self motivational speech. Afterwards is when things really heat up. Kanye begins by continuing where Jay left off. Giving the listeners the knowledge to discover that the “power” is in our own hands and we can do whatever we want with it. From there the beat abruptly cuts off and Swizz Beatz begs Kanye rip the listener’s a new one.

And that he does.

The already tweaked “Power” instrumental turns into a whole other new song with Snap’s “I’ve Got the Power” laying down the groundwork. And of course, Kanye’s cockiness goes into overdrive and all you cans say is “Did he just say that?”

\”Power\” Feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz

If Drake stands for “Do Right And Kill Everything”, I wonder what Nico stands for. I’ll figure that out later. Anyway, October’s Very Own has returned with his third single off of his chart breaking debut album, Thank Me Later. The “Miss Me” video features the now incarcerated Lil Wayne. For all you Wayneheads, he has not been released; they shot this video before he went into the slammer. Once again, Anthony Mandler is behind the video, which is why it has a similar dark undertone like: “Over” and “Find Your Love”.  Anhony’s idea of having Lil Wayne being portrayed as Drake’s guardian angel is brilliant. Bravo.

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