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In one more day summer will be over, which means that the days will get shorter, the nights will get longer, and the weather will get colder.  An added benefit of this seasonal change is that we can go back to layering pieces once again.  Don’t take it the wrong way, I love my summer days of wearing absolutely nothing but shorts, but having an oxford with a camel colored crew-neck sweater and a jacket on top makes my heart warm.

As far as jackets go Henri Lloyd has done it again with their Barton Button. What I enjoy about the brand is that obviously fashion is important to them, but so is being practical. The dark navy outer lambswool is the perfect color for fall, but will also keep you warm when you’re running those holiday errands

Check out the Barton Button or more looks at Henri Lloyd.

There’s nothing more I like than wet women. No pun intended. To be serious though, this collection of photographs–shot by Amanda Langford in 1988–is as relevant now than they were then. Every piece of clothing worn by these models could still be in a fashionista’s closet today. Fashion is fades, but style is timeless.

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When you think of Spring and Summer, most think of bright colors that stem from the blossomed flowers: not Krane. The label has instead decided to primarily use the colors grey and black with their Spring and Summer 2011 line. It’s not at all a bad thing, since the design is so crisp, it throws the color scheme out of the mind.

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Lookbook’s should be food for the eyes. Actual Pain knows this and has offered a buffet of looks for their Fall+ Winter 2010 collection. It’s a mix of tank tops, sweaters, t-shirts,  and light weight jackets that are perfect for summer, especially summer in Atlanta.

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the pictures speak for themselves (all lowercase)
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Inspiration can arrive from many places and sources. It is most fun, when it comes from the past. In fashion and architecture, the designers are mostly building on past constructions and adding a bit of inspiration that comes from everyday life. The Faile Temple, in Lisbon, Portugal, takes architecture from the past and combines a comic book like aesthetic to the design.

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Here’s an amazing editorial with Tao Okamoto from Vogue China’s September 2010 issue.
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In lower Manhattan there’s a newly erected mural made by Os Gemeos and Futura. It was created to coincide with the World Basketball Festival currently being held in New York City. The piece has a young lad staring at the world with a green floral shirt and country-flag plaid shorts. It exemplifies the worldwide peace the arises during major sporting events.


Gemmy does an amazing job modeling these clothes. My only issue is I don’t know who made these clothes because the design is sick. Oh well, all that is left is enjoy the modeling and photography courtesy of Shamayim.

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Nike. Adidas. Converse. For the past decades sneakers have been a staple in American fashion as much as white t-shirts and blue jeans. Just like apple pie, everyone in America had a pair and wore them with pride. The past couple of years have seen an influx of sneakers hitting our closets; partly because of the retro 80’s comeback and partly because the design aspect of creating “high fashion” sneakers have exploded. Although, sneakers will not be leaving the American mindset anytime soon there is a new revolution appearing in the way of dress shoes.

The word “dress shoe” brings to mind boring church services or never ending weddings, but this post is focusing on brogues and wingtips. Brogues are low heeled, leather bound shoes that originate from Ireland. They are often viewed as the country man’s shoes and are less formal than their counterpart: the oxford. Nonetheless compared to sneakers, they are screaming high-class. The colors are often limited to all black, a light chestnut color, and an almost chocolate brown. The name wingtips come from the “W” design that appears on the tip of some brogues.

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