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Before we talk about the content,  can I just say the visionary who thought up the two covers is genius. Not only am I in awe of Kid Cudi’s “breaking into a nebula” shot, but the Rosewood styling is crisp. Nicki Minaj’s shot is minimalism at its best. For someone who usually wears pink and green wigs and outlandish outfits, it is nice to see a somewhat toned down Nicki.

Sidenote: She keeps getting gorgeous everyday (#groupietalk).

Complex also posted the interviews with both artists, where Cudi talks about his former cocaine habit and goes a bit in on Wale. Here is a short snippet.

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Lookbook’s should be food for the eyes. Actual Pain knows this and has offered a buffet of looks for their Fall+ Winter 2010 collection. It’s a mix of tank tops, sweaters, t-shirts,  and light weight jackets that are perfect for summer, especially summer in Atlanta.

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the pictures speak for themselves (all lowercase)
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Fame is a monster. It takes average day people, good people, and showers them with money and celebrity. At the beginning, fame becomes you bread and water. You need it to survive, but then you realize that with fame also come paranoia and a sense of loneliness.

Joaquin Phoenix is the perfect example of what fame can do to a person. He was on top of the world with the “Gladiator” and “Walk The Line. He won a Grammy as well as a Golden Globe. Mr. Phoenix was also a heavy social activists. It seemed like there was nothing Joaquin could do wrong, then the Fame monster rolled his head around and the world saw a different side of Joaquin.

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Here’s an amazing editorial with Tao Okamoto from Vogue China’s September 2010 issue.
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The suits are coming! No, I’m not talking about Wall Street “Suits”; I’m talking about formal suits. To follow trends is to be a follower, but to see future trends is to be a trendsetter. It appears that all things are headed to men wearing full blown suits and the great thing is that it doesn’t require an invitation to a wedding. Tom Ford’s Fall+Winter collection shows that suits don’t have to have negative connotations of being snobby. They can be worn playfully with pieces of velvet thrown into the mix.

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It’s a strong ad by Amnesty International, but it gets the point across. It seems that with each passing day, we become more involved with mindless entertainment and become fearful or bored with what’s really going in the world.

Please turn around.

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