Name: nico Behnzukeh

Age: 22

Aspiration: Magazine Writer/Doctor

Twitter: icon_nico



Latin. Asian. White. Negro. Their has been a lot of discussion and debate about the term “Negro” in reference to the 2010 United States Census. Some of those who would be categorized as “Negro” feel that the word is not politically correct in our current society, but those same people have had issues with other names used to classify the race, such as African-American and Black. Being African-American Black Negro, my issue is not the name; it’s categories.

African. Hipster. Oreo. These are words that have been used to categorize me. My question though is how can you use a single word to describe a human being?

In regards to race, as each day passes pureblooded races become more instinct. One day it will be impossible for the census to even have a race category.

When it comes labeling a person, categories do not work. At least, I hope not. I would like to think the majority of Americans have more than one interest like I do. I don’t solely listen to “rock” music. I listen to “rap”, “metal”, “classical”, “world”, etc. Also my interest in life is not solely fashion. I like art, architecture, blogging, technology, politics etc.

That is why when it came time to categorizing this blog as a “fashion”, “culture”, “lifestyle”, “political”, “etc.” blog I was disheartened. Would I have to make multiple blogs for each of my interests? What if I just wanted to rant, would I have to make a blog for that too? And most important, the fact that I decided not to make a niche blog, would that make it difficult for me to grow in the blogosphere? The answer to the last question is probably yes.

I understand categories and labels allow us to better understand our world, but I don’t want to be apart of that. So welcome to, a blog about music, fashion, politics, architecture, my life, my rants, and anything else I can’t think of right now.