Fame is a monster. It takes average day people, good people, and showers them with money and celebrity. At the beginning, fame becomes you bread and water. You need it to survive, but then you realize that with fame also come paranoia and a sense of loneliness.

Joaquin Phoenix is the perfect example of what fame can do to a person. He was on top of the world with the “Gladiator” and “Walk The Line. He won a Grammy as well as a Golden Globe. Mr. Phoenix was also a heavy social activists. It seemed like there was nothing Joaquin could do wrong, then the Fame monster rolled his head around and the world saw a different side of Joaquin.

Dazed. Confused. Incoherent.

He didn’t seem of this world anymore.

I’m Still Here is a documentary, by Casey Affleck, meant to explore the mind of Joaquin during his to rediscover who he is and what’s his true purpose in life.

I’m Still Here will be released September 10, 2010.