Inspiration can arrive from many places and sources. It is most fun, when it comes from the past. In fashion and architecture, the designers are mostly building on past constructions and adding a bit of inspiration that comes from everyday life. The Faile Temple, in Lisbon, Portugal, takes architecture from the past and combines a comic book like aesthetic to the design.

Across the bottom of the half destroyed half built structure are the words: Savage, Young Minds, Sacred. “Young Minds” seem to be the focal point, while “Savage” and “Sacred” are an either/or statement. As a new generation arises, the previous generation either view the younger, as a worse reincarnation of the past, or a hope for the future, in which they need to be protected.

There are probably even more aspects of this structure that could be analyzed and destructed, but it’s an interesting piece nonetheless.

Faile is a Brooklyn based creative force. Learn more by going to Faile.