When I first took a look at Big Sean,  I was immediately a hater. I didn’t know much about the Detroit raised MC except that he had signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. music label and was slated to be the next Kid Cudi. Even though I had drunk a good pitcher of Haterade, I would still give him a chance by downloading a couple of songs and seeing what I liked.

I liked nothing.

Lyrically, there was nothing interesting coming from the artist. Even worse, his style was so cliche. He looked just like every other urban hipster with Ray Ban sunglasses, a fitted hat, skinny jeans, and a G-Shock. Since then, nothing has changed about his appearance, but he has possibly found himself a hit with “What U Doin’?”

The track begins with a Middle Eastern influenced voiced sample. When the beat drops, it immediately sounds like something conjured more so from the South than from the Midwest. Sean, once again, isn’t saying anything new or interesting; what’s saving the song is the enticing beat  and mantra “What You Doing?…Bullshitting.”

Sadly, I believe him.

Big Sean’s debut studio album Finally Famous drops September 14, 2010.