Nike. Adidas. Converse. For the past decades sneakers have been a staple in American fashion as much as white t-shirts and blue jeans. Just like apple pie, everyone in America had a pair and wore them with pride. The past couple of years have seen an influx of sneakers hitting our closets; partly because of the retro 80’s comeback and partly because the design aspect of creating “high fashion” sneakers have exploded. Although, sneakers will not be leaving the American mindset anytime soon there is a new revolution appearing in the way of dress shoes.

The word “dress shoe” brings to mind boring church services or never ending weddings, but this post is focusing on brogues and wingtips. Brogues are low heeled, leather bound shoes that originate from Ireland. They are often viewed as the country man’s shoes and are less formal than their counterpart: the oxford. Nonetheless compared to sneakers, they are screaming high-class. The colors are often limited to all black, a light chestnut color, and an almost chocolate brown. The name wingtips come from the “W” design that appears on the tip of some brogues.

Why brogues? Why now? The American fashion palette has turned it’s back on the neon colors of the 80s and seems to be retracing the past with more of a classic American look. You can see examples of this with the resurgence of the American prep style. The first wave of the modern prep was very much so tied to southern and college style, while the second wave is a bit more European.

Brogues haven’t necessarily reached the masses yet, so you might not find them in your urban outfitters or H&M, but of you’re into thrift you will be surprised how many you’ll find. I stopped by my local Rag-O-Rama and saw a huge collection of brogues and exceptionally cheap. I got my pair for 22 big ones and I’m happy with my choice.

As of right now, I’m pairing them with cuffed jeans for an Italian look, but they can be paired with any outfit and will give you a more of a refined look without seeming stuffy.