Nowadays people say that Twitter is the new Facebook. Not long before that Facebook was the new Myspace. This evolution of social networking hierarchy took place in less than 5 years. Those who grew up in the myspace age remembers how your page was a window into what made you click. You would create lists debating whether or not you enjoyed McDonalds or Burger King, you posted pictures that you took in your bathroom and showcased it for the world to see and you had the option to personalize your myspace with backgrounds of your favorite musical artist or maybe just glitter. Those were the days when social networking was young and naive. The glory days.

Artists, like M.I.A., would used myspace as a launching board to start their careers. In her single “XXXO”, Maya, is paying homage to the initial social networking sight with cheesy glitter effects, prancing unicorns, and all. Although the video has many effects going on, M.I.A. is distant just like social networking was supposedly supposed to do with humans.