A few days ago Kanye West announced via his Twitter that a “portrait” for his single “Power” would be released on MTV after Jersey Shore. Many thought Kanye was just being Kanye in the way he described, what most thought was just a music video, it as a portrait. We were soon to discover that he was pretty accurate. The portrait for Power, is just that, a moving painting. It begins with a close up of the man of the hour with his eyes piercing through the screen. As the camera pulls back we see that he is surrounded by warriors and toga clothed women adorning him as he stands perfectly still.

Creatively, I don’t think there has been a video anywhere as interesting as this. Although, there is a slight religious undertone, one forgets about it because of the spectacles all around. It seems that Kanye is announcing that even it looks like everything around him is falling apart, he is not shaken. He’s still standing.