Kanye is a transparent person. Whether it’s through his personal raps, his off the wall comments on award shows or hurricane relief telethons, or his two blogs that he frequently updates, he opens himself up enough for his fans and critics to understand where he’s coming from. It seems that everyday our world is becoming more transparent as well, with websites like Facebook and Twitter, people are free to post any picture or thought for the world to know. Social networking is here to stay and it’s Kanye West’s new strategy to regain his crown.

Not only has Kanye joined Twitter (@kanyewest), in the past days Kanye has been hopping around some social networking companies to enlighten them with new songs from his album Good Ass Job. The raps  were all done acapella to give more weight the the lyrics. It’s exciting to see Mr. West back with new material.

In other Mr. West news, his “Power” video will be released next week.