Discovering music is tough nowadays. There’s more music being released everyday than there probably was released in a month, 50 decades ago. So in terms of saturation, avid music listeners have more than enough to listen to, but what we need, in terms of music, is substance and that is sometimes hard to find. Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to a rapper by the name of Mac Miller. There’s not much out there as far as a “bio” is concerned, but he is from Pittsburgh and is a pretty damn good rapper.

“Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” begins with a short audio snippet of a young kid preaching to his friend about his love for marijuana. So it seems that Young Mac Miller may have similar leisure activities as his fellow Pittsburgh-ian Wiz Khalifa. His flow is laid back and reminiscent of the Cool Kids and his beats are less Run DMC’s than they are Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s fun to see him give dap to his random friends in the city and his hype-man in the background is “high”-larious.

Mac Miller’s new mix-tape K.I.D.S. will be released August 3rd.