We’ve entered a world where accessories are key to creating originality in terms of style. Unfortunately for guys, we only have 3 accessories that are seen as acceptable and even with these three, we are not allowed to go over the top with them. What are these three you ask? Watches. Necklaces. Rings. What makes it irritating is that these “accessories” have alternative uses than just being stylish.

With watches it is seen as more of a tool than an accessory. Watches are meant to tell time, even though we have thousands of technological innovations that do the same thing. Rings mostly symbolize things, whether it’s our class ring or wedding ring. It’s only necklaces that can be seen as a true accessory.

Once again guys are out of luck.

Then entered the brooch.

Brooches are a classic way to bring a bit of excitement to your personal style and they’re not only for prom dates and old folks. You can truly wear them anywhere at anytime. I have always been interested in brooches as a trend but wasn’t really inspired to do it until last Monday’s “Come As You Are” post with the model wearing a “Big Bird” yellow brooch on his faded grey hoodie. That photograph showed me that are not only for suits, but can be worn with almost anything.

After being inspired, I hit up Stefan’s, a local Atlanta vintage shop, to see what kind of selection they had. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a whole lot, but there were a few pieces that I did enjoy, but I was just window shopping. I rarely just buy unless I truly feel inspired.

So the search for the perfect brooch continues, but when I do find it, best believe I’ll be applying it to almost everything I wear this summer and fall.