It’s rare when you find a rapper as consistent as Rick Ross. Not only in the consistency of his rap flow, but also in the consistency of his releases. His past three albums have been released yearly, which has been great news for Ricky Ross fans. Personally, I’ve been a tad bit late to jump on the bandwagon; the reason why is that I initially viewed Rick Ross as an impostor.

Rick was just a rapper who wanted to take Biggie’s throne because he just happened to have physical traits that were similar to the Notorious. With his new partnership with Diddy, the comparisons are obviously growing between the two, but musically Rick Ross is from a different vine. With the few leaks from Teflon Don, it is apparent that Rick is taking full control of his career and is loving every moment of it.

In “Maybach Music 3”, T.I., Jadakiss, and Erykah Badu, tag along for the ride. The instrumentation flourishes as the two guest rappers exchange raps about their many conquests around the globe, but neither rappers are able to put their hands on the Maybach steering wheel. Rick Ross is clearly in the driver’s seat as he grunts before he goes on cruise control. “Shine brighter than them bitches on the other side/ Trying to make blind mother fucker recognize/ Ammunition got the competition non existent/ Had a bubble crack but didn’t have a pot to piss in”.

If “Maybach Music 3”, “Super High”, and “Live Fast, Die Young” are any indicators of what to expect from the Teflon Don, I will definitely be marking July 20th on my calender.

\”Maybach Music 3\” Feat T.I., Jadakiss, & Erykah Badu

\”Aston Martin Music\” Feat. Drake and Chrisette Michelle