Since September 13, 2009, Kanye West has vanished from the spotlight. He did show up on Jay Leno’s show, the next day, to apologize on live television to the young country artist that he emberrassed on stage, but since then sightings of Mr. West have been few to none.

That is until last night.

Kanye opened the 2010 BET Awards with his new single “Power” and it seems that he’s done apologizing. Standing on top of a mountain, which brings to mind so many types of biblical symbolisms, Mr. West  made his return to the limelight. Even though the performance was great, it was quite difficult to actually see Mr. West because of the fumes of smoke and the overall darkness of the stage. Later on, it was said that there were technical issues with the lighting, but it made Kanye seem even more “untouchable” in a sense. So bravo for the mess up lighting team.

Kanye Wests’s 5th Studio album Good Ass Job will be released a year and a day after “Taylorgate 2009”: September 14, 2009.

Images of the Horus Chain and Pyramid Ring that he wore: