Home is where your heart is.

As a child, I remember my father having a miniature display of a house stating that old truth. At the time, I believed that the home he was referring to was our little home in Ohio, but as an adult, I realized that America was never home for my father. His home and mine would always be in Liberia.

For the past couple of years, Liberia has been recovering from a two decade old civil war that has not only destroyed the physical landscape of Liberia, but also the mindset of its people. Cases of cannibalism, rape, usage of child soldiers, and drugs were widespread across the West African country and some cases of those atrocities go on today. The origin of what caused the civil war is a bit confusing to explain. In essence, it has to do with the colonizing of the country.

Liberia was the first country founded by blacks. It was the central location for the “back to Africa” movement that had ex-slaves shipped from America to Africa to start their own nation. The only problem was that the country that they were colonizing was the home of a whole race of people, which is quite reminiscent of what the Caucasians did to the Native Americans. These ex-slaves viewed themselves as superiors to the native Liberians because of their knowledge of western civilization. At the same time, the native Liberians viewed themselves as superiors because they were not ex-slaves. And that’s the foundation for all the conflict since.

A war of egos.

Vice has made an interesting documentary about life after the civil war.