The amazing thing about the World Cup is even though the game is played country vs. country, it’s as hostile. I have seen many fans that may root for their home country to win, but also respect and have high hopes for other countries, as well. Case in point yesterday’s game with Brasil and Ivory Coast. I was in Ohio for my cousins wedding that weekend and whenever there was a break in the festivities all the men (and some women, too) would gather around the television and watch the World Cup. (Un)Fortunately for us our country, Liberia, did not make the World Cup, but our close neighbors, Ivory Coast did. Now Ivory Coast put up a good fight against the Brasilian team, but in the end they lost. It was nice to see each team congratulate and shake hands with each other after the match.

It’s all about unity.

Puma has had the same message with their latest World Cup campaigns. With their latest ads they teamed up with Kehinde Wiley to paint the portraits of Africa’s golden children: John Mensah, Samuel Eto’o, and Emmanual Eboue.

The portraits and Puma’s video after the jump.