Ronson’s major claim to fame has been intertwined with that of Amy Winehouse. He, along with Salaam Remi, were the masterminds behind the classic sound of Winehouse’s sophomore album Back to Black. Since then it has seemed that his calling card, in terms of producing, was mid 1900’s rhythm and blues.

We were sorely wrong.

If his first single from his upcoming album, Record Collection, is any hint of where Mark’s production is going, it is nowhere near the past. If anything, he’s taking us to the future.

“Bang Bang Bang” is a single filled with playful synths and one of those infamous choruses that you sing but don’t quite know the words to (some of the words are in french). The video has Ronson powering up circa 1996 Power Rangers–and speaking of Power Rangers there’s a came from the Ranger’s jerking group.