There have been many words used to describe Muhammad Ali and no matter how many adjectives are used, the one that is always spoken and always remembered is ‘The Greatest‘. What many fail to see when looking at Muhammad Ali was his leadership in the civil rights movement.

Granted, he was no Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcom X, but he was one of the first black people to truly have a stage and pronounce that he was proud to be black. In interview after interview he would state how pretty and good looking he was. He would go on about how he would be in the ring for 8 rounds and while the other fighter’s face was cut and bruised, his face would stay clean and smooth. Although that may seem minor to some, what they fail to consider is that many black people at that time had an enormous amount of  self hate. They hated the color of their skin, so they would bleach it. They hated the texture of their hair, so they would perm it.

This was a man who would stand up in front of the world and say that “I am proud to be black and I am still handsome”. And for that we will forever be grateful.

Muhammad Ali’s style was different from his personality. It wasn’t loud and it wasn’t in your face. It was dignified and clean cut when it came how he wore them. It seems at time, he wasn’t dressing for himself; instead, he was dressing up to be an example to the youth that looked up to him.