Fashion interests me. I like fashion, but I’m not into fashion. I’m not the type of person to follow trends. I know it sounds lame, but I believe I start my own. Even though that may be true, I still don’t feel like I have found my “personal style” yet. Birger et Mikkelsen’s Spring & Summer 2010 would be the closest definition of how i want to look right now.

Here is the story behind their line.

Spring Summer 2010- “Shiwrecked”

“Imagine a gentleman’s wardrobe, assembled over years, comprising from casual outerwear to formal evening wear, but then lost at sea and washed up on the shores of a tropical island. Everything is washed, creased and crumpled. It’s bleached in the sun and dried on the sand. Surfaces become worn, seams fray, repairs become necessary. But some how, out of the chaos grows a new way of dressing – mixed fabrics, little ethnic additions, a feeling of relaxation and escape.”