I blog as if it was a job. I search through about a hundred websites, each day, looking for something inspirational or something interesting. Out of that hundred I probably open up 30 or so tabs of links that have caught my eye. Out of those 30 or so links, I dwindle them down to 3-6 links that I HAVE to share with the world at this moment.

Today, Hixsept is one of those gems that I must share with the world. A clothing brand that was founded by  graffiti artists turned designers, Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, Hixsept’s 2010 Fall+Winter’s lookbook combines two things that are most important to me: minimalism and art. Take it from graffiti artists to make some kick ass clothes.

Take a look at their previous lookbooks and shop at Hixsept.