2009 was the year of Drake, no doubt. Some may even say that 2010 is the sequel. So far, at least in Atlanta, it has been. Every other song on Hot 107.9 or 95.5 The Beat is either a Drake song or one featuring him, but come June 15th when his debut album Thank Me Later–or whatever day the album leaks– we’ll all find out whether or not the hype is true. Without a doubt, most of these songs will be played on the radio, but with this album Drake needs to prove himself as either a “single” guy or someone who can actually create a good album.

We’ll see.

A bunch of leaks have been appearing from his album. The first, which has been leaked, leaked again, and then re-leaked is “Miss Me” featuring Lil Wayne and will his third single. Produced by Boi-1da and 40, the instrumental sounds a cheesy mix-tape candidate. The verses, so far, are forgettable, but it may be a grower.

\”Miss Me\”

The second leak is “Unforgettable” featuring Young Jeezy  samples an Aaliyah loop and sounds like the introspective Drake circa So Far Gone.