2010: The Year of the Best Music continues…

This is what I like to see! A band goes away doesn’t really give us any hint of making a new album and then bam! There it is. Arcade Fire has decided to go that route with their new album: TBA. A few days ago, they posted that single would be released in the following weeks and my mouth started to water profusely. Thankfully, they released a couple of snippets from their album and now my pillow isn’t as wet as it was before.

The first track “Suburbs” sounds  just how you would think it would; very happy and go lucky just like life in the suburbs are.

The second track “Month of May” surprises you at first listen because it’s more “hard rock” than anything I’ve heard from Arcade Fire–if you think different please do tell.

You can hear these two snips at the Arcade Fire website: http://www.arcadefire.com/

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