In the lovely words of Kanye West –mixed with some of my own–, “This is my shit right here. A-Trak didn’t ask me to [write about] this shit. It wasn’t no favor or none of that shit. This is my shit. I love this [album] right here. This is [Dirty South Dance 2 mixtape].”

With the success of DJ A-Trak’s 2007 Dirty South Dance mix-tape, it was only a matter of time until the sequel would hit the web. It’s 2KX now and the world is drastically different from 2007 and if you listen to both mixtapes, one can see that A-Trak has also progressed over the years. Just like the previous mix-tape, A-Trak   coats our most beloved rap lyrics with electronic beats and synthesizers.

An average person could only dream of making music like this.

My Favorite Tracks:

Donnis: Gone (DJ Craze remix)

O Let\’s Overdo It

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