I’m not a big fan of the Atlanta rap scene. They all seem to be doing the  exact same thing. Nothing. Words that mean nothing. Beats that come from somewhere, but  they all sound the same and thus mean nothing.

Then there is Gucci.

An exception.

Although, he doesn’t have have anything new to say and his beats could be used by any gutter rapper to get in the Top 40, he transcends them by evoking his persona through his music. When you listen to a Gucci Mane song it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to be anyone else but Gucci!


Because of that everyone seems to love him. Whether it is the adidas track suit wearing kid that sells bottle water for cash, the college frat boy who wears nothing but abercrombie and fitch and thinks Gucci will allow him to gain some cred, or an indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, called Beach House.

Apparently, last month at the Coachella Festival in California, the band covered Gucci’s sour flavored “Lemonade” and here is the footage from the show.

and here is the originial

Here’s hoping for a full cover. I want more.

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