Ever since, she came entered the music industry with her collage of Baile Funk, Electronica, and Tribal Beats, the letters M,I, and A have found themselves on the taste buds of many music enthusiasts. Her music has not only been able to satisfy the hunger for something refreshing in our dull music world, it has also given a voice for the third world crowd.

Born, Maya Arulpragasam, in the island nation of Sri Lanka, Maya has first handedly experienced the confusion that comes from a country in civil war. Her father, Arul Pragasam, was an activist who co-founded a political group, called the Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students (EROS), that was meant to fight the established Sri Lankan government. Those involved in the EROS viewed themselves as revolutionaries whose mission was to put an end to the corrupt government of Sri Lanka, while those in Sri Lankan political positions, as well as the rest of the world viewed them as terrorists.

The question of what factors can modify a person from being a hero to a villain can be found in M.I.A.’s previous albums Aurlar and Kala.

With “Born Free”, the premiere track from her 3rd album /\/\ /\ Y/\, her mission is to wake up the youth from their sedated state and get them to stand for something. For what? She doesn’t really care, but stand for something. Her belief is that the youth has a predisposed to be idle. With every new technology that is released, culture becomes more spectators of the world, instead of players. Following the release of the music video for “Born Free” she has been been praised for her artistic ballsiness by some and criticized for promoting unnecessary violence by others.

But in a world where everyone is selling their soul to become famous it seems that Maya Arulpragasam–M.I.A.– is doing the complete opposite: selling her fame to regain her soul.


M.I.A.- Born Free