1D. 2D. 3D. It is truly an obsession. Blue and Red lenses making images come to life. I remember, as a kid, when I was overly excited about 3D shows or 3D movies. “Wow, it’s like they’re fighting right in front of me!” or“ Maybe if I just reach far enough I might be able to grab it!”

Now that 3D motion pictures have been perfected and is being released on every major motion picture has it’s lost its allure? No way, compadre!  If anything, it’s making me more excited about the future.

I’ll be the first to say I don’t get excited about 3D movies, but I am excited to find out what other avenues movie theatres will take to enhance the consumer’s (MY) experience.


Vibrating chairs that are in sync with the action going on in the screen?

Live performers? (Maybe not).

Temperature changes in the theatre that relates to the movie scene?

“Maybe So, Maybe No.”

Whatever the future brings it’s coming quick. At times, it’s difficult to realize how fast our technology and culture is changing. Those who are scared of change always have their minds set on the past. They have a one-dimensional viewpoint. They are the one’s who start each sentence with “Back in my day….” They lack depth.

Then there are those who don’t really realize the shifts that are occurring daily. We’ll call these people the 2D’s. Some may say the 1D viewpoint is worse than the 2D, but at least the 1D realizes that change is occurring. The 2D goes through life accepting every change without questioning it.

Then there are those who live in the third dimension. They see change and embrace it. Granted, not all change is good but those who live in the 3D world don’t just complain about how it used to be, they realize than an adjustment of their lifestyle is going to occur anyway, but they ensure that they have a say on how it effects their lives.

They’re three-dimensional.

You’re Welcome.